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 Nearest Tourist Attractions

Neyveli Township has several interesting tourist spots around. The visitors can enjoy a lavish holiday or summer trip by staying in Neyveli. There are adequate facilities like transportation, boarding and lodging, multi cuisine restaurants, etc in this small township. With their visit to Neyveli, they can also engage themselves in nearby tourist spots. The distance to nearby localities is very short from Neyveli. As this city is located in the major part of South India, it remains as a favorite spot for worldwide tourists visiting India. Some of the popular tourist or excursion places near Neyveli are Pichavaram Mangrove Forest near Chidambaram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram and beach at Pondicherry, Vadalur, etc.



Chidambaram Natarajar Temple

Chidambaram Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the heart of the temple town of Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu).The temple , 78 km south of Pondicherry and 235 Km from Chennai. The Sangam classics refer to Viduvelvidugu Perumtaccan, respected clan of traditional Vishwakarmas, as being the chief architect of the temple renovation. There have been several renovations in its history, particularly during the days of Pallava/Chola emperors in ancient and pre-medieval periods.

Chidambaram is one of the five holiest Shiva temples, each representing one of the five natural elements; Chidambaram represents akasha (aether). The other four temples in this category are: Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeswara,Trichy (water), Kanchi Ekambareswara (earth)Kanchipuram, Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleswara (fire),Thiruvanna malai and Kalahasti Nathar (wind),Kalahasti 

Website: http://www.chidambaramnataraja.org





Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

Pichavaram is one of the beautiful and unique places situated near Chidambaram. This place is popular for its Kilai backwater and thick and dense Pichavaram mangroves. You can indulge in exciting activities like trekking, beach volleyball and tennis, cricket and badminton, indoor games like carom, chess and table tennis, boat rides to the sea and through the mangrove, bird watching, etc. The visitors ensure to take a boat ride through the dense forests, which would definitely remain as a onetime thrilling experience in their life time. This place is highly comfortable and safe for children and families. There are also hotels located inside this small town.

Arignar anna tourism complex, Pichavaram, Tamil Nadu - 608102

Phone Number:
91 9442591466, 04144-249399

Website: www.pichavaram.co.in



Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Sri Aurobindo Ashram is one of the popular and richest ashrams in India. Devotees from all over the world gather here for complete spiritual salvation. This well known ashram in Pondicherry can be reached by taxi or bus in just 1 hour 20 minutes from Neyveli. There are several facilities inside the ashram. It includes library, guest houses, and can reach to main building during the collective meditation period. The spiritual view followed in Sri Aurobindo Ashram mainly concentrates on a blend of modern science and yoga.

Address: Marine Street, White town, Pondicherry - 6059002
Phone Number: 0413 2233604

Website: www.sriaurobindoashram.org





Pondicherry Beach

Pondicherry beach is very close to Neyveli. You can easily reach by bus or taxi in an hour. This beautiful clean beach is perfect for swimming, strolling and sunbath. The deep blue sea and the golden yellow sand attract a large number of tourists every year. Moreover, the slopes of this beach are safe and gentle for swimming and bathing. You can venture in adventurous sports like canoeing, sailing, boating and kayaking. There are several beach resorts in Pondicherry. They offer best tasty dishes and they are located very close to the beach. Some of the popular Pondicherry beach resorts are The Dune Resorts, Soorya Beach Resorts, Zest Big Beach Resort, etc.  These resorts also offer excellent natural spa and salon services in your pocket price.


Website :http://www.zoompondy.com/


Gangai Konda Cholapuram

Gangai Konda Cholapuram is one of the very ancient temples of Tamil Nadu, built in the Chola style. It was built by Rajendra Cholan, son of Raja Raja Cholan who built the Big Temple - Brahedeeswarar Temple - of Thanjavur. It was the desire of Rajendra Cholan to consecrate a temple similar to the one built by his father and he patterned Gangai Konda Cholapuram as a replica of the Big Temple.

Website: www.tamilnation.co






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