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Materials Management - Overview

NLCIL Materials Management department is a centralized department for procurement of materials to the tune of about Rs.650 Crores/annum by placing more than 4000 Purchase Orders for consumables, spares, plant and equipment for smooth functioning of all the production and service units of NLC India Limited, Neyveli.

The entire purchase activities are being carried out through in-house software Online Integrated Materials Management System(OLIMMS) in a transparent manner.

Purchase activities, starting from indenting of materials by the users of various units of NLCIL till making payment to the vendors, have been incorporated in the OLIMMS.

Following introduction of OLIMMS, e-procurement system was also implemented from October 2007.

As on today about 95% of the tenders are processed through e-procurement. All the Tenders are hosted on e-Procurement website of NLCIL and also in the Public Procurement Portal, enabling all Vendors to know the Material requirements of NLCIL.

Reverse auction (RA) was implemented in e-procurement tenders as a negotiation tool from March 2012 in a more open and transparent manner by giving opportunity to all the qualified bidders to compete each other to offer their best rates.

Reverse auction is conducted for tenders with estimated value of Rs.5.00 Lakhs and above with a maximum of 10 items in a tender with the elimination of H1 bidder if the number of shortlisted bidders are more than FOUR.

GeM: Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is the national portal to make public procurement transparent & simple, Conceived by Government of India. As per Govt. guidelines , NLCIL have registered as a buyer in GeM portal . NLCIL have conducted a training programme to NLCIL venders on GeM. So far NLCIL have placed orders on GeM to the tune of Rs.1.5 crores.

All purchases are made following the Purchase Manual guidelines, Delegation of Power, CVC guidelines and prevailing Govt. guidelines.

The Materials Management Complex and the associated Permanent Central Stores are certified with ISO 9001 : 2015.

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