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सतर्कता विभाग
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Our Mission

We, Vigilance Department, at NLC are committed towards to inculcate a system based on values, establish and maintain an ethical climate and an atmosphere of probity in the organization for the employees to work with integrity, impartiality and in a transparent manner with a focus on meeting all business requirements & continually improving effectiveness of the Quality Management. Achieving total customer satisfaction by providing fair and on-time delivery of our services as per various guidelines and complying with all business requirements.

From CVO’s Desk:

Excellence in an Organization is measured by its achievement. Vigilance is an important tool in the hands of the management to achieve the organization’s goals while adhering to the ethics and conducts. Institutional and regulatory measures are essential to curb unethical practices, it is equally important that these measures are used to add value to systems. Vigilance should be taken as an individual function and every one in the institution should keep a vigil on himself and his conducts, then only, we as an institution will be able to further excel in every aspect and put forth a model before the nation.

Vigilance is not only investigation but prevention also. We are committed to give excellent service and create an environment that build trust among the stakeholders of NLC and build a healthier system by promoting awareness, systemic improvements, transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all units of NLC Limited.

The most powerful and supreme Vigilance Department operating in this Universe is an inbuilt Mechanism in any human body which is called as CONSCIOUSNESS or Self. It silently monitors the Thoughts, Words and Deeds of an individual and gives an instantaneous feedback then and there. When it is ignored or sidelined the external agencies automatically steps ‘IN’.

The great saint Thiruvalluvar said in his Thirukkural on corruption

“இலமென்று வெஃகுதல் செய்யார் புலம்வென்ற
புன்மையில் காட்சி யவர்” - (குறள்-174)

“A person who has conquered his sense and remain without any crime in Mind, even if he is in poverty, will not aspire for other’s property”

To get rid of corruption the Taitreya Upanishad suggests the ways

Sahanavavatu Sahanaubhunak tu, Sahaviryam kara va vahai, Thejasvinam aditamastu ma Vid visha vahai, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti hi.
Let us come together, Let us enjoy together, Let our strengths come together, Let there be brightness of knowledge, Let there be no poison of misunderstanding or hatred.


"Vigilance is not only the price of liberty, but of success of any sort." - Henry Ward Beecher

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